Traditional Aztec Fire Dancers from Mexico City, Mexico



The family mantained our original (prehispanic) alloted land up until the late 1930's when the government relocated many families to the community of Tacuba (Originally Tlacopan). Up to this time we still mantained the "chinampas", also referred as "floating gardens". These were used to plant crops and flowers.

The families with chinampas were relocated in the late 1930's at the closing of the Canal de Xochimilco (Canal de la Viga/Canal Nacional) to give way to urbanization.

This relocation happened at a time when Juan Salinas' father (Luis Salinas Sr.) was a child.

The indigenous people suffered at their attempt to sale their crops and wares.

Great-Grandpa Tomas, tired of this treatment to his family and all the others went to the National Palace and asked to see the president. It was quite an ingenious way that he was allowed in and thanks to that visit of this barefooted humble Aztec man, the Marketplace of Tacuba was established; a place for the indigenous people to sell their wares, fruits and vegetables.

To this day it still stand as one of the larger marketplaces in the city.

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